• Original Article|Open Access

    Symptom severity, quality of sleep, and treatment adherence among patients suffering from schizophrenia and depression

    Peggy Bosch , Janina Waberg , Maurits van den Noort , Heike Staudte , Sabina Lim , Jos Egger
    Aim: Treatment non-adherence is a common problem in patients suffering from schizophrenia and depression. This study investigated the possible relationships between symptom severity, quality of sleep, and treatment adherence. Methods: Thirty outpatients with schizophrenia and 58 outpatients with... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:109-16. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2015.54
    Published on: 20 May 2016  | Viewed:5711  | Downloaded:178
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    A case of Hashimoto's encephalopathy presenting with seizures and cognitive impairment

    Xing-Yong Chen , Yin-Zhou Wang , Hui-Xin Lei , Xu Zhang
    Hashimoto's encephalopathy (HE) is a rare disease with unknown pathogenesis. An epileptic seizure is reported in association with HE. Here, the author reported an 18-year-old girl with a history of hyperthyroidism for one year. She was admitted to the hospital due to status epilepticus. Serum... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:117-9. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2015.57
    Published on: 20 May 2016  | Viewed:2425  | Downloaded:140
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Good recovery of a patient with neurocysticercosis using two antihelminthic drugs combined with steroid

    Xin-Di Li , Hua-Bing Wang , Heng Zhou , An-Na Zhou , Lin Zhao , Yong-Hong Liu , Xiao-Qing Gong , Xing-Hu Zhang
    Neurocysticercosis is the most common parasitic infection of the central nervous system. We present a case report of a neurocysticercosis patient with multiple cysts, who presented with new onset generalized tonic-clonic seizures. A 4-cycle treatment of 2 different antihelminthic drugs with... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:120-3. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2015.51
    Published on: 20 May 2016  | Viewed:5260  | Downloaded:437
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Status epilepticus in scleromyxedema

    Sofia Markoula , Sofia Zouroudi , Sotirios Giannopoulos , Kimon Tsoukanelis , Ananstasia Zikou , Athanassios P. Kyritsis
    Scleromyxedema is a rare dermatologic disorder, characterized by erythematous or yellowish lichenoid waxy papules. Neurological manifestations are rare but well-recognized. A 51-year-old woman, diagnosed with scleromyxedema, was admitted to the hospital with status epilepticus, caused by brain... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:124-6. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2015.39
    Published on: 20 May 2016  | Viewed:2143  | Downloaded:87
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Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation Print ISSN: 2347-8659; Online ISSN: 2349-6142
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