• Review|Open Access

    Current and emerging therapies for neuromyelitis optica

    Cong Zhao , Hong-Zeng Li , Ya-Nan Bai , Zhu-Yi Li , Jun Guo
    Neuromyelitis optica (NMO) is an autoimmune demyelinating disease that mainly affects the optic nerve and spinal cord, potentially resulting in blindness and paralysis. Once thought to be a clinical variant of multiple sclerosis, NMO is currently considered as a different disease with its own... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:127-32. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2016.11
    Published on: 20 Jun 2016  | Viewed:2391  | Downloaded:191
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  • Review|Open Access

    Statins in acute neurologic disease: which one, which dose, when to start, and when not to stop

    Bong-Su Kang , Gene Sung , May Kim-Tenser , Nerses Sanossian
    Statins could have physiologic properties that may benefit patients that have been diagnosed with various acute neurological diseases. This review aims tosummarize the literature pertaining to stain use in acute neurological disease such as subarachnoid hemorrhage, intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH),... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:133-40. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2015.27
    Published on: 20 Jun 2016  | Viewed:3818  | Downloaded:144
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    Huge supratentorial cortical ependymoma in a young child: case report and literature review

    Mehdi Darmoul , Mohamed Kilani , Atef Ben Nsir , Mohamed Nejib Hattab
    Supratentorial cortical ependymomas are uncommon in the pediatric population and extremely rare in very young children. Histologically, tumors of the anaplastic type are also less common in children. The authors report one case of anaplastic cortical ependymoma in a 16-month-old girl who... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:141-4. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2015.53
    Published on: 20 Jun 2016  | Viewed:4278  | Downloaded:166
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  • Commentary|Open Access

    Meningeal inflammation and multiple sclerosis

    Li-Ping Liu
    Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic inflammatory demyelinating disease of the central nervous system (CNS). Inflammation in MS is characterized by infiltration of peripheral immune cells into the CNS, especially in the meninges. The infiltration into meninges, which has been referred to as... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2016;3:145-6. | doi:10.20517/2347-8659.2016.22
    Published on: 20 Jun 2016  | Viewed:2060  | Downloaded:232
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