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Topic: Neuroimmunology and Cancer
  • Targeting glioblastoma with oncolytic adenovirus delta 24

    Konstantinos I. Tsamis , George A. Alexiou , Athanassios P. Kyritsis
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2015;2:1-3. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.149392
    Published on: 15 Jan 2015  | Viewed:4026  | Downloaded:125
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  • Integrins and focal adhesion kinase in the malignant behavior of gliomas

    Efstathia Giannopoulou , Andreas Tzakos , Andreas A. Argyriou
    Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common type of glioma and is associated with a very poor prognosis. The standard treatment includes radiotherapy concurrent with temozolomide, however recently the Food and Drug Administration approved bevacizumab for use in patients with progressive glioblastoma following prior therapy. The limited number of treatment options points to the need for novel effective therapeutic approaches. A promising approach is the use of tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKIs) in GBM treatment. However, the results from the majority of clinical trials using TKIs are not... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2015;2:4-7. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.149395
    Published on: 15 Jan 2015  | Viewed:3541  | Downloaded:157
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  • A potential role of karyopherin a2 in the impaired maturation of dendritic cells observed in glioblastoma patients

    Konstantinos Gousias , Alexander von Ruecker , Gerrit H. Gielen , Pitt Niehusmann , Andreas Waha , Hartmut Vatter , Matthias Simon
    Aim: Patients with glioblastomas demonstrate well-documented immunological impairments including decreased numbers of mature dendritic cells (DCs). Recent data identified karyopherin a2 (KPNA2), a nucleocytoplasmic shuttling receptor, as diagnostic and prognostic biomarker for gliomas. The aim of this ongoing study is to correlate parameters of immunity and nucleocytoplasmic transport in glioblastoma patients. Methods: We preoperatively collected serum from 17 patients with glioblastomas and determined DC subsets (HLA DR+ Lin-, CD34-, CD45+, CD123+, CD11+ were analyzed) using a 6-color flow... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2015;2:8-14. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.149396
    Published on: 15 Jan 2015  | Viewed:7015  | Downloaded:110
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  • Serum IgE levels in patients with intracranial tumors

    George A Alexiou , Amalia Kallinteri , Eleni Nita , Panagiota Zagorianakou , Stamatina Levidiotou , Spyridon Voulgaris
    Aim: Several epidemiological studies have shown an inverse correlation between allergy and brain cancer. The purpose of this study was to compare the serum IgE levels between patients with gliomas and nonglial tumors and their possible prognostic role. Methods: A total of 84 patients with intracranial tumors were included in this study. At clinical presentation, estimation of serum IgE levels was assessed by nephelometry. Detailed information regarding the history of allergies was collected by interview. Results: Of the 84 cases, 42 were gliomas, 23 were meningiomas, 16 were metastases and... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2015;2:15-7. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.149398
    Published on: 15 Jan 2015  | Viewed:5879  | Downloaded:144
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  • The influence of postoperative infection in survival of patients with high-grade gliomas

    George A Alexiou , Amalia Kallinteri , Euaggelos Michos , Panagiota Zagorianakou , Efthalia Priavali , Dimitrios Pachatouridis , Stamatina Levidiotou , Spyridon Voulgaris
    High-grade gliomas are the most common type of brain tumors. Of these, glioblastoma account for 60-70% and despite treatment carries a dismal prognosis. Postoperative surgical site infection has been associated with prolonged survival. Herewith, we present a case of glioblastoma and a case of anaplastic oligoastrocytoma that developed postoperative infection of the surgical site and had prolonged survival. A thorough literature review is also presented. Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2015;2:18-20. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.149418
    Published on: 15 Jan 2015  | Viewed:4756  | Downloaded:176
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