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    Welcome to Neuroimmunology and Neuroinflammation: a new open access journal for neuroscience

    Gang Zhao , Thomas Müller
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:1-2. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135565
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:6829  | Downloaded:127
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  • Editorial|Open Access

    Pitfalls in clinical diagnosis and treatment of infectious meningitis in China

    Jia-Tang Zhang
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:3-5. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135566
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:7266  | Downloaded:145
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  • Editorial|Open Access

    The M1/M2 immune polarization concept in microglia: a fair transfer?

    Michel Mittelbronn
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:6-7. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135567
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:10137  | Downloaded:410
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  • Editorial|Open Access

    Diagnosis and therapy of rare central nervous system infections

    Xiao-Kun Qi
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:8-12. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135568
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:9347  | Downloaded:171
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  • Research Highlights|Open Access

    Differences in stroke damage in aged mice may not be due to differential cerebral blood flow dynamics

    Venugopal Reddy Venna , Louise D. McCullough
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:13-4. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135569
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:6462  | Downloaded:146
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  • Research Highlights|Open Access

    The expanding phenotype of stroke-induced immune alterations

    Johanna Ruhnau , Antje Vogelgesang , Alexander Dressel
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:15-6. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135570
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:6548  | Downloaded:156
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  • Review|Open Access

    Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor encephalitis in China

    Li Li , Cheng-Bin Wang , Gang Zhao
    N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) are mainly distributed in the central nervous system, and play important roles in the mechanisms of learning and memory. A newly discovered disease caused by autoantibody to NMDAR has been described, and is called anti-NMDAR encephalitis. Patients with this... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:17-23. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135571
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:10035  | Downloaded:165
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Detection of Epstein-Barr virus infection subtype in patients with multiple sclerosis by indirect immunofluorescence assay

    Shan-Chao Zhang , Lei Liu , Rui-Jin Wang , Hou-Zhen Tuo , Yan-Jun Guo , Li Yi , De-Xin Wang , Jia-Wei Wang
    Aim: The aim was to investigate the infectious conditions of Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) in patients with multiple sclerosis (MS). Methods: Cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) of 20 patients with MS and 20 with other neurological diseases (OND) were tested with indirect immunofluorescence for anti-EBV capsid... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:24-8. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135572
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:13278  | Downloaded:3527
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Imaging and cytological analysis of 92 patients with Japanese encephalitis

    Qi Meng , Yue-Li Zou , Hui Bu , Jun-Ying He
    Aim: Japanese encephalitis (JE) is caused by a mosquito-borne flavivirus and demonstrates high mortality and serious sequelae. Imaging and cytological examinations are important for the diagnosis of JE. We performed this study to analyze the imaging and cytological characteristics of JE. Methods:... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:29-34. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135574
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:9661  | Downloaded:158
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  • Original Article|Open Access

    Neonatal immune activation during early and late postnatal brain development differently influences depression-related behaviors in adolescent and adult C57BL/6 mice

    Jafar Majidi-Zolbanin , Mohammad-Hossein Doosti , Behzad Baradaran , Mohammad Amani , Maryam Azarfarin , Ali-Akbar Salari
    Aim: Immune challenge during early and late neonatal periods can induce robust alterations in physiological and behavioral functions, resulting in greater risk for the development of neuropsychiatric disorders, such as anxiety and depression, later in life. In addition, previous studies concluded... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:35-9. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135575
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:10793  | Downloaded:270
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  • Case Report|Open Access

    POEMS syndrome associated with Castleman disease: a case report and literature review

    Juan Kang , Fang Yang , Hong-Ya Zhang , Meng-Meng Hu , Feng Xia , Jin-Cun Wang , Yan-Chun Deng , Gang Zhao
    Polyneuropathy, organomegaly, endocrinopathy, M proteins, and skin changes (POEMS) syndrome is a multisystemic disorder that clinically manifests as paraneoplastic and monoclonal plasma cell dyscrasia. Its acronym is derived from its principal characteristics: polyneuropathy, organomegaly,... Read more
    Neuroimmunol Neuroinflammation 2014;1:40-3. | doi:10.4103/2347-8659.135577
    Published on: 27 Jun 2014  | Viewed:7575  | Downloaded:333
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